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Who will benefit from a Design Automation platform?

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Create on-brand visuals from your Adobe Photoshop designs and easily turn them into any formats

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Be more holistic with your optimization strategy by knowing what design treatments work for your customers.

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You can change promotional content on the fly with the use of Content Feed without any design skills.


Create eye-catching product covers for all your eCommerce shops

Performance-driven templates - We add new templates every month so you can try the most popular designs for different campaigns, from 11/11, Ramadan, and many different holidays.

Custom layouts - If you have a designer, you can import any custom designs from Adobe Photoshop to build your own layouts for social, advertising, and eCommerce platforms.


Work on design adaptation without knowing any design software

Multi-product support - Upload up to 200 products to create design variations for multiple sizes in a single workflow. You've never been able to export design files that fast before this.

Content feed - Ever need to make a change to the product discount, giveaway, or price but your designer is backed up? Just make the change in an excel file and have the design update itself.


Update design strategy by knowing what attracts your customers

Design analysis - Yes, we've all done creative A/B testing but do we know why one creative performs better? Now you can find out how colors, text count, and layouts impact your customers' engagement.

Data-driven layouts - Trendy visual content like social posts and product ads can be created instantly with our layout suggestions powered by millions of industry design data points. 

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How to improve your visual design process for your digital brand?


Upload your own designs and data to get a free design analysis on us

Get a free design analysis to understand what design components are catching your customers' eyeballs.


What brands say about us

“We have over 75 consumer products ranging from infant formula to dietary supplement that we sell across 7 marketplaces in Taiwan. It’s really easy to produce different sales campaigns in a variety of sizes from only one banner design.”

“We run multiple monthly storewide campaigns, hence our design loading is very high with lots of repetitive resizing work to accommodate at least 57 sizes for our marketing needs. That’s why we decided to turn to dipp to leverage their resizing and content feed features.”

“As a data-driven agency, we are always looking for partners who can enhance our offerings. Massimo by dipp is the exact partner in that sense, complimenting our data-driven media buying with their data-driven art direction and production automation.”


Have some questions for us?

What can I create with dipp?

If you are an e-commerce seller selling across different marketplace platforms, you can use our Design Automation tool to easily create product cover images for LAZADA, Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Tiki, Zalora, Qoo10, and many more, plus create visually engaging images for Facebook, Instagram Stores, and even use our platform to resize images for your Google Display Network campaigns. 

How is dipp different from other design tools, such as Canva?

The first thing to know before using dipp is that we are the only design platform catering to digital sellers. That means, instead of creating designs for one-time purposes, sellers can easily complete any design adaptation, turning a single design to work for up to 200 products at once. That means you can have all your store marketing materials for different marketplace platforms in a single workflow that takes less than 10 minutes.

Do you offer design templates?

We add new industry-trending layout presets on a monthly basis based on our extensive design data analysis, in addition to basic e-commerce presets to stamp your logo and pricing. If you can't find a layout that suits your needs, we are also integrated with Adobe Photoshop so you can import any layered PSD files into our platform to continue the production process.  

What is Design Analysis?

Design Analysis is our built-in feature to analyze the effectiveness of your design decisions. We have over 400 data points to understand the content, components, compositions, and colors of your visual designs and we connect them with your performance metrics so you can find the drivers behind each customer's click.

Do you offer different pricing plans based on usage?

Yes! We offer 3 levels of pricing plans, Entry at US$99/mo, Growth at US$299/mo, and Brand at US$649/mo. You can choose a plan that suits your monthly e-commerce design needs and the size of your team that will be using this platform. 

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