Elevate your brand's identity and ensure consistency across all touchpoints with dipp's comprehensive Brand Guidelines solution to maintain brand integrity and cohesion.


Why Do You Need a Digital Brand Guideline?

Communicate your brand consistently

dipp's Brand Guidelines ensure that your brand communicates consistently across all channels, helping to reinforce brand identity and build trust with your audience.

Strengthen customer loyalty

By maintaining brand consistency, Dipp's Brand Guidelines strengthen customer loyalty by providing a cohesive brand experience that resonates with your audience and fosters long-term relationships.

Streamline visual production workflow

dipp's Brand Guidelines streamline the visual production workflow, ensuring that your team can create high-quality content efficiently and effectively while adhering to brand standards. 

Dynamic Brand Guidelines

Build dynamic guidelines for on-brand content without manual edits

Gone are the days of static brand guidelines in PDFs—dipp's Dynamic Brand Guidelines automatically detect languages, special characters, and numbers for on-brand display across brand sites, marketplaces and any touchpoints. 

Photoshop Integration

Seamless integration with Photoshop files to brand layouts

Effortlessly convert Photoshop files into brand-compliant layouts within dipp's platform, ensuring that even your non-design team can create high-quality visual content while adhering to brand standards without Photoshop expertise. 

Permission-based WYSIWYG

Control visual production quality with permissions in WYSIWYG

Foster collaboration on visual content while ensuring that brand guidelines are followed. With customizable permissions, you can designate who can edit, approve, or view visual assets, providing peace of mind that your brand is represented consistently and accurately across all channels.

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