Maintain brand consistency & stay memorable

Set up brand guidelines and ensure consistency no matter which department or teammate is creating product visuals.


Standard brand equity problems

Inconsistent visuals because teams are unaware of brand guidelines

Brand guidelines are extensive, complex and difficult to follow

Products are scaled inconsistently, font files are missing

A visual editor for the non-designer

With a Photoshop plugin, designers can upload original designs and make them available for non-designers to create visuals. With brand guidelines set and dipp's platform enforcing all e-commerce platform requirements, completed visuals are only a few clicks away.

Create visuals by the batch

Whether creating display banners or creating multi-size e-commerce visuals, dipp’s built-in rules make the re-sizing process fast and straightforward

Use brand layouts to control which elements can & can't be changed

When creating new layouts, control which elements can be edited & which ones cannot. Prevent non-designers from having accidents & allow teams to make edits where they need to.

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