Inter-departmental collaboration

Communication efficiency between teams allows for maximum flexibility to accommodate marketing strategies. All this to provide additional agility to your e-commerce process.


Resolve these common problems

The seemingly endless wait for feedback and endless amount of revisions

Feedback scattered between different teammates and departments leading to even more mistakes

Additional changes increase opportunities for errors

Organize your team in a way that reflects your organization

Create and manage separate workspaces for special purposes and teams. Choose which organization-level assets should be shared between workspaces and which ones should not.

Set up your organization, assign roles & eliminate communication issues

Build a collaborative process where designers set up brand guidelines and design layouts. Marketing and business teams populate existing layouts using a CSV to batch-create product visuals. All the while, allowing for the review and revision process to allow as many last-minute copy changes as called for.

Editing, managing & updating of product visuals on one platform to increase productivity

Teammates are working simultaneously with the latest assets, brand guidelines and layout designs. Designs can be shared internally within an organization as well as with external stakeholders.