Multi-channel e-commerce support & a strong online presence are musts for all e-commerce brands.

A brand’s e-commerce channels must work in tandem with its digital and social presence to grow exposure and promote sales. Dipp is that one-stop solution that allows a brand’s team to smoothly manage all e-commerce channels so every promotion a brand makes is synced across all e-commerce channels.


Creating an agile e-commerce operation is paramount.

Ensure a common style across all of your e-commerce stores as well as your digital & social presence.

Break product visuals into modules, update event-specific designs, headlines & discounts.

Produce multiple product visual variants at once and use them as A/B tests to optimize your ROI.

Use design automation to shorten product update cycle while keeping interest of potential customers.

Update visuals of your entire inventory with new headlines and promos. With your brand style guide in place and approved layouts, non-designers can create endless variations to keep offerings always up-to-date.

dipp’s capabilities for production at scale allows for instant updates across all
e-commerce channels.

The endless amount of e-commerce product visual sizes is limited by a maximum of 200 products in one batch. After designers set up layouts, marketing and business teams create and update product visuals together in real-time.

Adapt social media layouts simultaneously with product visuals layouts to maximize visual consistency

All social media, display and e-commerce requirements are built-in and enforced during creation, so each piece of creative will always obey platform requirements.