Agile collaboration is essential for a true digital transformation

Using the latest agile marketing methods, allows brands to create more revenue through collaborations, consulting and augmented AI to speed up workflow of e-commerce operations.


Collaboration is key when shaping an agile e-commerce enterprise


No more downstream communication, rather an open cooperation that allows clarity and transparency for all.

Everyone does what they do best, reduce human error rate and develop your team to be most capable.

Information is transparent and accessible, so all teammates can easily see progress and review drafts.

Enabler agencies can develop responsive & cooperative relations with their e-commerce clients.

Teams can have separate spaces to maintain confidentiality. With permission controls, visuals can be shared directly with clients or e-commerce reps for approval and feedback. Reduce the number of communication lines and focus on building responsive and transparent relationships all involved.

Brands can strengthen brand presence with agile e-commerce strategies & reward loyal customers

Lock in brand consistency no matter which team is creating visuals. Brands can improvise promotions and reward loyal customers without needing design approvals.

Offline brands merging online can build an inter-departmental asset library to support their online goals

Manage copyrighted or proprietary materials and keep them from getting scattered across a company’s many storage places. All assets can be synchronized in one place and eliminate chances of duplicates and use of the wrong asset.